How to keep a college basketball program in Georgia

What are the top college basketball recruiting spots in Georgia?The top four prospects in the state are Georgia’s leading point guards (Cameron Robinson, Dajuan Coleman, J.T. Jones, and Marcus Allen), who are all in their first year of eligibility.Georgia has a pair of talented wing players (Rashawn Gorman and Marcus Lewis) and a versatile guard […]

How to win at Oklahoma Sooners

Oklahomans have been recruiting for the last decade and they are coming to college football for a new start, but it’s not a good one for the football program.It’s time to rebuild the program.Here are 10 things you need to know about the Oklahoma Soonners.1.Oklahoma has a lot of talent.There are no holes in the […]

Why Texas A&M might lose to Kentucky

Oklahoma State is one of the most exciting programs in the SEC, and this past season was an opportunity for the Sooners to take another step forward in the Big 12.Now that the program has lost two of its top three scorers, it may not have the firepower to make another run in the conference, […]

How to find the best 2021 recruiting classes

New York’s college swimming recruiting class is set to go live on January 18th, and the class is loaded with top talent.Here are the top five players in the class, ranked from the highest to the lowest.1.Devin Davis, WR, Oklahoma State2.Deondre Campbell, LB, Florida State3.Kelsey McClellan, DB, LSU4.Alyssa Smith, LB/DE, LSU5.A’Challa Robinson, RB, UCLAAlyssan Davis, […]