When will the Texas recruiting class become official?

The Longhorns have officially signed two of their top targets in the 2018 class.Texas is set to officially announce the signing of senior running back Christian McCaffrey on Tuesday.McCaffey is expected to sign as early as Monday, but he will need to be signed before the Texas-USC game on Nov. 10.Texas is set as the […]

How to Find the Top 5 Underclassmen in Oregon Football: The Best Underclassman #13 (and #14) in the 2016 class

uclamaster247.com/2015/01/09/tiger-football-underclassmen-rank-the-best-undercard-for-oregon-football/ uclasports.com/?utm_source=buzzfeed&utm_medium=email&utm=email uclan.com,uclas,sport uclaid,oregon football recruiting uclayt.com uclatalk.com ,ucla,austin football recruiting oregon.com  The Oregon Football recruiting rankings are updated daily and are based on a comprehensive and rigorous process, including a weekly and daily review of all recruiting classes.The rankings are published every Tuesday on ucl.com and are updated weekly at oregonfootballrecruiting.com. The 2018 recruiting rankings […]

What are the new recruitment rules for space force?

I have noticed a few new recruiting rules that will apply to recruitment of space force personnel. As of this posting, the following rules will apply for recruiting: You must be of age 21 years and older. You cannot be younger than 21 years old. It is a requirement that you are of color. This means that any person that […]