How to Find the Top 5 Underclassmen in Oregon Football: The Best Underclassman #13 (and #14) in the 2016 class,uclas,sport uclaid,oregon football recruiting ,ucla,austin football recruiting ┬áThe Oregon Football recruiting rankings are updated daily and are based on a comprehensive and rigorous process, including a weekly and daily review of all recruiting classes.The rankings are published every Tuesday on and are updated weekly at┬áThe 2018 recruiting rankings […]

How to beat a recruiting class

How to get the most out of a recruiting pool?The recruiting class rankings are no joke.There are more players on one side of the ball than the other.The best players can be found on both sides of the football.That’s why the rankings are so important to any program.We all know what the top recruits are, […]

Which college recruiting sites are recruiting the best?

Posted November 18, 2018 05:02:50 In the 2017 recruiting cycle, the average scholarship was $7,250.That number has now risen to $9,500.But is it worth it?The answers to that question are based on the 247Sports Composite Rankings, which measure a school’s recruiting prowess based on how many scholarships are on offer.There’s a lot to take in […]