How to get into the Illini recruiting ranks

The University of Illinois has long been considered the leader in college basketball recruiting.But with a number of new coaches, a new coach-centric system, and the addition of a new TV deal, the Illinos have been losing recruits in droves.And now that they’ve seen some of their top recruits leave, they’re looking to make some […]

How to recruit an awesome new character

When you first start a new game, you’re told that your character is going to be unique and unique is going the way of the dinosaur, but there’s something to be said for that.As with all new characters, there’s going to come a point where they’ll be your primary source of progression, and you’ll be […]

How to sign up for a scholarship to PITT

The Australian Financial Reviews article PITT, the world’s biggest employer, is launching a scholarship scheme to encourage employers to recruit from local schools, as part of its efforts to increase the number of students entering tertiary education.The scheme is available to eligible students, who can apply by completing an online application form or by visiting […]

How many schools are recruiting Ohio State QB DeShone Kizer?

The University of Cincinnati’s DeShones Kizer is a rising star in college football, but there are still a number of schools in the nation that have been tracking his recruitment and interest.According to 247Sports, five teams are actively recruiting the former Pitt Panther quarterback: Miami, Florida, Michigan State, Oklahoma State and USC.Kizer would be an […]

How to recruit Navy SEALs: 5 tips

A group of former Navy SEAL recruits is trying to get the public’s attention by sharing the secrets behind Navy SEAL training.The military has had to rely on recruits to get jobs for more than 20 years, and the Navy SEAL program is facing a shortage of qualified candidates.They say the recruitment process is broken […]