How to win Alabama football with 247sports recruiting

The next four years are crucial to Alabama football’s success.But how do you become the best in the country?That’s where 247sports is at the forefront of recruiting and the 247Sports recruiting rankings.And that’s the point we’re making today.This is the same rankings that we use for ESPN and other sports networks, so you can find […]

How Google is hiring more people to fight online harassment

By John Eichler/Tech InsiderThe search engine giant has long been an aggressive defender of the right to free speech online, but the company is also increasingly using its power to target people who post hateful content on social media.The company has made its intentions clear on the matter of hate speech on its platform:It doesn’t […]

Barnes, the crossbow craze is finally catching on

Posted February 09, 2020 06:12:16Barnett’s Crossbow, a crossbow that shoots bolts of electricity, has become a phenomenon in the United States.The company has been selling its product for about a year, and now it’s been featured in ads for Amazon, Nike, and Target.Barnett, the company’s president and CEO, says that his company was looking for […]

What it takes to win in Texas, recruiting rankings

A couple of months ago, I wrote about the importance of the recruiting landscape in recruiting in the Lone Star State.Since then, we’ve had a number of articles and reports that have attempted to make a case for the importance and power of the Big 12.But what is the reality of recruiting in Texas?Is it […]

How to get a job in the NBA recruiting season

In this episode of our weekly series, we go inside the NBA’s recruiting process, recruiting videos, and interviews to find the best job opportunities available.In this episode, we discuss the NBA players most-coveted jobs in 2019, the NBA Players most-popular jobs, how to get into the league, and how to build your own resume and […]

ABC’s recruitment guide for the 2018 AFL season

An ABC recruitment guide will help you get the best deal on the latest AFL prospects, including the best places to live and work, the best clubs to follow and more.The ABC has produced this recruitment guide, which you can download and print yourself, for your convenience.The guide contains:All the top 20 AFL prospects in […]

Alabamians will vote on Auburn players in 2021

ALBANY, N.Y. – Auburn will not be eligible for the 2021 football recruiting class until after the 2018 season.The Tigers have been forced to delay the recruitment of at least two other top prospects.They were supposed to sign a fifth, former Mississippi State star, in the middle of their 2017 class but instead opted to […]

How to set up a crossbow in Fallout 4

I was playing Fallout 4 at the time, and when I got to the camp I saw that I was going to be playing a character called Barnett, which is a character from Fallout: New Vegas.I thought, “oh well, that’s a cool Fallout character”.When I went into the game and picked up the Crossbow, I […]