How to get a job in the NBA recruiting season

In this episode of our weekly series, we go inside the NBA’s recruiting process, recruiting videos, and interviews to find the best job opportunities available.

In this episode, we discuss the NBA players most-coveted jobs in 2019, the NBA Players most-popular jobs, how to get into the league, and how to build your own resume and resume videos.

We also discuss how to navigate the NBA player recruitment process, how the NBAPA can get involved with the league’s recruiting efforts, and what we can do to improve recruiting for the next NBA season.

We also discuss the most-discussed NBA recruiters, the most popular players, the best recruiters to join the league in 2019 and the best way to make sure you are getting the most out of your NBA career.

In the last installment of our series, “The Best NBA Jobs 2018,” we discussed the most valuable NBA recruiting jobs.

In this installment, we look at the top recruiting jobs for 2019, discuss the top jobs for 2021, and discuss the best recruitment videos for 2019.

You can listen to our latest episode of the show below.