How Google is hiring more people to fight online harassment

By John Eichler/Tech InsiderThe search engine giant has long been an aggressive defender of the right to free speech online, but the company is also increasingly using its power to target people who post hateful content on social media.

The company has made its intentions clear on the matter of hate speech on its platform:It doesn’t tolerate harassment and bullying of others online.

In fact, it encourages users to report such activity and has been the target of a massive anti-harassment campaign.

However, as it has become more prominent in recent months, it has also been becoming a more aggressive defender against those who seek to silence or shut down voices online.

It has, for example, begun to target “fake news” accounts that spread misinformation about its brands, and the company has started to block and remove some content altogether.

On Wednesday, Google said it would hire at least 200 new staff members to combat the spread of hate on the platform.

“We are hiring new staff to support our fight against hate, hate speech, and harassment, including targeting fake news accounts and the spread on social networks,” the company said in a blog post.

The announcement comes amid growing scrutiny of the company’s response to online abuse by anti-fascists and far-right activists, particularly after a wave of online harassment, death threats, and rape threats against prominent figures on the far-left and right.

As part of the hiring spree, Google will also be using new tools to monitor hate speech and content online.

The company says the new tools will include automated tools that will allow it to detect when users share hate speech.

“This will allow us to remove content and remove hate speech from our platform quickly and efficiently,” Google said.

“As part, we will also enable a community monitoring tool, which we will share with our partners and partners of friends and family to see if they are participating in hate speech.”

Google has previously come under fire for its treatment of conservative and right-wing activists, with the company recently suspending several accounts, including those associated with Breitbart News, after reports surfaced of them harassing people.

In a blogpost, the company explained the new hiring, saying that it is “working to expand our tools to help our team identify and identify and flag accounts that are being used to promote hate speech or harassment.”

It is important to note that Google is not using the tools to target and block these accounts, Google explained.

Rather, Google is only using the new tool to help us determine if someone is engaging in hate-based speech, as well as to identify the accounts that have been flagged and flagged them up for removal.

It’s important to remember that we have already identified accounts that share content that is potentially hateful and incite violence against other users.

Google said that this content is already under review.

In February, Google announced plans to invest $3.5 million in the Fight for the Future, a group that fights online harassment and is led by former White House speechwriter Sebastian Gorka.

Google has also invested heavily in social media analytics company Optik, which will allow the company to better track online abuse.