Army recruiting recruiter: I’m not a recruiter

The Army recruiting world is in mourning after a recruiting gig was found on social media to be fake.

The Army posted a statement on its Facebook page on Thursday afternoon saying: “Our Army Recruiting System is a diverse and inclusive environment, and we are deeply saddened to learn that an Army recruiter posted a job on social networks to fill an empty position.”

The recruiter’s job title and description on the Army recruiting site are similar to the one posted by an Army official on Facebook on July 25.

“The Army is committed to diversity and inclusion,” the Army statement read.

“The Army Recruitment System is an inclusive environment that welcomes and welcomes all who are eager to learn.”

Army officials did not specify which jobs were advertised on the recruiter website or what they were looking for.

“This type of inappropriate behavior is not reflective of our Army and we take this matter seriously,” the statement read, according to a Reuters report.

“We have been in communication with the recruiting agency and will take appropriate actions if necessary.”

Army recruiting posts on Facebook often have a disclaimer that says they are not authorized to respond to questions.

In an interview with the AP, Army recruiting director Steve Tuckert said the recruitor was hired after an Army recruiting officer contacted him about his job posting on Army recruiting.

“I think there was some kind of misunderstanding,” Tucket said.

“It was a recruitable position.”

Army spokeswoman Susan Wyschotz said the Army was aware of the recruitment post and would work with Army recruiters to ensure it is removed.

The recruitment posting was posted to the Army Recruits’ Association website and was not linked to Army officials, according the Army.

A soldier stands in front of a wall of military vehicles on an open field in Camp Williams, Kentucky.

Army soldiers, including recruits, march through the camp in June.

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