The new job market has ‘a lot to do with the tech industry’

The tech sector is still struggling to catch up with its manufacturing rivals.

But for many tech workers, it’s also about more than just being paid.

The New York Times reported that many tech jobs are now being held by people with no experience in manufacturing, which is largely due to the fact that manufacturing has been largely shuttered since the Great Recession.

Tech is one of the most lucrative sectors for new hires, but the New York Post reported that people with high school diplomas and no other skills are more likely to find a job in tech than people who don’t.

“I would love to be an engineer,” one student told the Post.

“But I don’t have the time.”

The Times found that even though the unemployment rate for the age group is at 5.6%, nearly half of all students who have applied to college have been rejected.

The Post’s Emily White reported that the tech sector “is a big reason why so many people don’t apply, especially when they do.”

As TechCrunch previously reported, the tech boom was not helped by a number of factors: high school graduation rates, the fact there were few jobs for people without a high school diploma, and the fact it’s not as easy to get a job.

More recently, the government’s jobless rate is still around 5.9%, which has caused some people to quit school.

This is despite a number reports that the government has cut back on its data collection on joblessness rates.

But many people, like one high school student who has been unemployed for six months, are hoping to get their foot in the door of the tech job market.

If you are a recent grad looking for work, here’s how to get in touch with a recruiter and find out if you’re eligible to get hired.

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