Former NFL recruit who worked with the CIA is suing for wrongful termination

Former high school football recruit James Thompson is suing the U.S. Army, the U.”s Central Intelligence Agency and the CIA for wrongful dismissal.

He is also suing the military for “breach of contract” stemming from his time as a recruit in Vietnam.

Thompson is suing U.s.

Central Intelligence Bureau for wrongful removal and termination, for failing to properly protect him from harm, negligence, infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract and wrongful dismissal, among other claims.

According to a lawsuit filed in U. s District Court in San Francisco, Thompson was sent to Vietnam by his father, a U. S. Army recruiter, to serve as a “soldier in the field.”

The recruiter sent him to the Central Intelligence, a branch of the CIA, as a young recruit and, later, as an intelligence officer in Vietnam in 1972, according to the lawsuit.

Thompson was never deployed to Vietnam.

The lawsuit says that the Central Information Service, a division of the Army, did not immediately investigate his case after his enlistment and then denied his request for an investigation into the case.

It is alleged that Army officials failed to protect Thompson from harm because he was in a military hospital when he was transferred to the CIA.

It is alleged Thompson was not told he was to undergo a mental health evaluation before being sent to the CIS.

Thompson’s lawyer, Michael Ziegler, said in a statement that he was not aware of any allegations against the military.”

The lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages, court costs and attorneys fees.”

The military did not inform James of the nature of the psychological evaluation until his arrival at the CIA.”

The lawsuit seeks compensatory and punitive damages, court costs and attorneys fees.

Thompson also is suing former Central Intelligence officer Michael S. Deacon, who served in Vietnam and has worked as a CIA agent, for wrongful death.

Thompson says Deacon was a CIA employee who “misled him” about his medical condition.

The case is U. “s first civil suit in federal court for wrongful conduct.”

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