Recruiting software provider says it’s ‘deeply concerned’ about new rules to recruiters

The recruiting software provider recruiting firm Techstars has slammed a new recruiting code that it says is “deeply concerning”.

Techstars has come under fire in recent months for its role in recruiting software giant Recruit, which was shut down earlier this year following allegations of its recruitment practices.

In a statement Techstars said it was “deepenedly concerned” by the new code that was introduced by the NSW Government.

“The NSW Government is currently considering a new code for recruiting services, and we remain committed to being open to dialogue and collaboration to help ensure it provides better opportunities for all, regardless of background,” the statement read.

“While the code is being considered by the government, we continue to stand behind our recruiting services and our customers.”

The NSW Department of Training and Skills said it had already approved the changes.

“We are confident the new recruiting codes will assist recruitment agencies in addressing the current recruitment problems,” a spokeswoman for the department said.

“Recruit has long been recognised as a leader in recruiting, and remains the world’s most widely used recruiting software.

We encourage anyone with any concerns about their employment or their company to contact the recruitment provider directly.”

Techstars said in a statement it was committed to its “deepest commitment to diversity, inclusion and inclusion of women, people of colour, LGBTQI+ people, disabled people and people with mental health issues” and “strong, transparent processes”.

“We remain confident that we will be able to continue to attract and retain top talent,” the company said.