Why does NCAA recruiters say a player has a talent that’s not on the field?

NCAAs recruiting rankings article 1.

Arizona State: The Sun Devils will be the first team in the country to use the recruiting system for the first time since the NCAA instituted the rule in the 1950s.

The new system will require that schools submit a full list of all recruits, including their rank, from their 2013 class.

The list must include a complete set of their letters of intent, as well as a statement about their academic progress and work ethic.

The full list can be found here.

The school will be allowed to recruit players who have completed the system’s first year of eligibility, which begins in the 2017-18 season.

The system will be used to select its first five scholarship players in the 2019-20 season, as the Sun Devils finish their first year in the new system. 


Colorado: The Buffaloes are expected to use their new recruiting system to select their top three players from their incoming class of 2017.

A statement released by the school said that the new recruiting criteria “will allow Colorado to select a number of its best young athletes at a higher level, which will lead to more competitive and successful play for our players and our program.”


Clemson: Clemson is one of three schools that will be using the new, enhanced recruiting rules for 2017-19.

Clemson’s recruiting rankings will be made public for the 2018-19 school year.

The new recruiting rules will include a total of seven teams in the system, including the ACC’s Clemson Tigers, the Big 12’s Kansas Jayhawks, the SEC’s Alabama Crimson Tide, the Pac-12’s UCLA Bruins, the MAC’s Texas Longhorns and the Mountain West’s Colorado Buffalos. 


Oklahoma: Oklahoma will be adding its first two full-time recruiting coordinators to its roster in the form of Tom Holmoe and Scott Frost. 


UCLA: The Bruins will be recruiting four-star wide receiver Deondre Francois to join the program as a graduate transfer. 


Nebraska: The Huskers are one of two schools that are using their new system to recruit their top five players from the incoming class.

Nebraska’s new recruiting guidelines state that they will be required to “adopt the current system and implement it by January 1, 2019.”


Arizona: Arizona State will use its new recruiting rankings to recruit three-star defensive end Jake Bequette to the program. 


Washington: Washington will be bringing in its first full-year recruiting coordinator, Mark Lutz, to its staff.


Iowa: Iowa will be working with former Arizona State head coach Todd Graham, a former coach of the Crimson Tide. 


USC: USC will be one of four schools that is using its new system for 2017.

The program will be able to recruit five-star offensive lineman DeAndre Bledsoe, who is a graduate of Stanford, to join its staff, and four-stars safety Jaelen Strong, who was a standout at the University of Southern California. 


Clemson’s new rules will also allow the program to recruit four-year players from a class with a grade of B or better in the spring and fall, as long as the school has not previously committed to a commitment for the class in 2019. 


Oklahoma State: Oklahoma State will be seeking to add its first three-year defensive line coach to its coaching staff.

The school will also be able bring in two-star linebacker Jalen Young as a free agent. 


LSU: The Tigers will be joining the recruiting rankings system in 2017, and will also use their recruiting rankings for the upcoming 2017-2018 school year, which is slated to start on Sept. 1. 


Georgia: The Bulldogs will be introducing a new recruiting ranking system for 2018-2019. 


Wisconsin: Wisconsin will be applying the new rule for the 2019 school year that requires all new recruits to complete the system in one year of full eligibility, beginning in 2019-2020.


Florida State: Florida State will begin its recruiting rankings in 2018-2020 by recruiting its first four- and five-stars from the class of 2019-2019 and 2020-2020, respectively. 


Virginia Tech: The Hokies will be moving their current recruiting rankings, which have been used for the past three years, to the new ranking system, which has been used in the past five years. 


Florida: The Gators will be allowing their recruiting ranking to be used for 2019-2018. 


Notre Dame: The Fighting Irish are the only school in the ACC to use a recruiting rankings as part of its recruiting process.

The Fighting Islands will begin the 2019 football season with the new rankings. 


Florida Atlantic: The Owls will be looking