How to spot Husky recruiting targets for 2018

With a recruiting class that’s already loaded, the Huskies are still searching for the right fit for each position.

With the 2017 class, Huskies wide receivers are still on the board.

But, that group has a lot of holes to fill, including one on defense.

Here’s what you need to know about the 2018 class.1.

Huskies offensive line: Will there be a quarterback in the class?

The 2018 Huskies offense is still in the early stages, but the offensive line is shaping up to be the key for 2018.

Husky tight end David Nicks, the nation’s top tight end in 2018, is the clear favorite to go No. 1 overall.

He’s ranked the No. 2 overall tight end.

The Huskies need to find a QB, but with Nicks on board, that may be a little easier said than done.2.

Huskers defensive line: How will they fill holes?

With a crowded defensive front, the 2017 Huskies had a bit of a problem.

Cornerback Jelani Jenkins, safety Brandon Wimbush, linebacker Justin Young and linebacker Ben Boulware were all gone.

Defensive end David Washington is still a possible fit at safety.

If he doesn’t, it’s going to be a big loss.3.

Husker wide receivers: Will they be at the top of the class in 2018?

The Huskies’ wide receivers have to be on the radar this year, with top targets in wide receiver Jaxon Shipley and receiver Jalen Ramsey.

All three have a strong potential.

Ramsey is ranked the top receiver in the 2018 recruiting class.4.

Huski defensive linemen: Will the Husky defensive line continue to improve?

The 2017 class was a big improvement from the 2016 class.

The top three recruits for the Huskers are all back in the mix for 2018, with cornerback Jaxan Shipley, tackle Johnathan Lipscomb and defensive tackle Will Fuller all returning.5.

Huskie linebackers: Can Huskies get a true star linebacker?

In 2017, Husky linebacker Zach Collins was one of the top prospects in the country.

He finished his senior season ranked the third-best linebacker in the nation.

Collins is ranked No. 12 overall.

Collins may have to play out the final year of his deal at the next level.6.

Huska wide receivers in 2018: Will you be seeing them?

The five-star recruit in the Huski class has been a steady source of excitement since the 2016 recruiting class opened.

He’ll get his chance to showcase his skills against some of the nation and international talent this season.

But that’s all in the past.7.

Huskys defensive line in 2018 (all): What’s your take on the recruiting class?

With two top recruits in the 2019 class, the 2018 Husky defense will have to contend with the likes of Florida State’s Malik McDowell and Alabama’s Aaron Jones.

With a couple of other early enrollees, that could be a tall task.

The class is ranked among the nation, with a chance of landing in the top 10.8.

Huskins defensive tackle in 2018.

What do you expect from him?

The 6-foot-7, 320-pound defensive tackle will be in the frame to make an impact in 2018 as he continues to work his way back from his torn ACL.

He missed all of his 2017 and 2018 seasons with injury.

The consensus top prospect for 2018 and 2019, the 6-6, 280-pounder will need to be able to stay healthy to compete with some of college football’s best.9.

Huskas wide receivers (all): Will you see them?

Will Huskies receivers Jaxion Shipley (fifth-round pick) and Jelan Ness (fourth-round selection) be back in 2018 at the same level?

The two receivers were on the field together for the first time in 2018 during the team’s spring game.

If the Huskies do find a way to get both back in shape, they could very well be the nation�s top receivers.10.

Huskin wide receivers coach: What did you think of his recruiting approach in 2017?

Tom Coughlin, the coach of the Huskin offense for the last three seasons, has brought his A-game with a new coaching staff.

But with a lot to work on, it�s hard to tell how Coughlins offense will fare with new offensive coordinator Josh Heupel and receivers coach Steve Grier.11.

Huskar wide receivers prospect: Will he be at his best in 2018 or 2019?If there�s one thing you should know about Huskar receiver Jelans Ness, it is that he�s a natural.

He�s been at his most productive with the Huskins in recent years.

His big game against South Carolina and a career-high four catches for 71 yards against Tennessee helped him land on the Husker�s radar.12.

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