How to find 2019 NFL Draft prospects in South Carolina

Around The NFL’s NFL Draft Tracker continues to offer up an exhaustive look at prospects in 2018 who could potentially land in the NFL as a rookie or second-year pro.

The rankings are based on a combination of the 2017 NFL Draft and the 2018 NFL Combine results.

It is the most comprehensive look at this year’s crop of prospects who could end up playing at the pro level in 2019.1.

Jalen Ramsey, RB, Florida State: The Seminoles had one of the most prolific offenses in the country in 2017.

The offense featured four different backs in 2017, led by sophomore Jalen Murphy.

It was also the first time in school history that the Seminoles ran a spread offense, which was the most common offensive formation in college football that year.

That means the Seminole offense was one of only four teams in the nation to run a spread system in the regular season.

In 2018, Murphy had 11 catches for 142 yards and two touchdowns.

In 2019, the Seminols had just five receptions for 37 yards and one touchdown.

That was the worst total from the backfield for any Seminole this year.2.

Alex Malzone, CB, USC: The Trojans were a top-10 team in most of their categories in 2018, with the only one missing was defensive end Alex Malzage, who played in only five games.

That left the Trojan secondary in the bottom half of the list.

Malzone is a versatile player with the ability to cover receivers and run the slot.

He has an excellent first step and has excellent ball skills.

The Trojan secondary allowed the fourth-most receiving yards (7.3) and had the ninth-best pass rush efficiency rating (85.1).3.

Josh Allen, WR, Ohio State: Ohio State was the only program in the NCAA this season to allow fewer than 100 rushing yards, which is a big step forward from the previous year when the Buckeyes ranked 25th in the SEC in total offense (6.4).

Allen is a natural receiver who is able to make plays in the open field and get separation on the ball.

He also has the size to play outside, and the ability in his route-running ability to make contested catches.

Allen is not going to get much time on the outside, but he is a potential No. 2 receiver in the draft.4.

Tyquan Lewis, CB/S, Florida: The Florida Gators have had success on the inside in the past.

The Gators allowed just 2.3 yards per carry in 2017 and averaged just 4.1 yards per attempt in 2018.

However, the defense in 2017 was the best it had been in almost a decade, and that allowed the Gators to have a much better passing game and an even better run game than they did a decade ago.

Lewis will be able to be a starter in the Florida secondary, where he had a career-high seven interceptions and was the No. 1 cornerback in the ACC.5.

Marcus Baugh, LB, Michigan: The Wolverines were the only team in the league that allowed fewer than 90 rushing yards in 2017 (2.3), which is not good enough to win games in a divisional round.

However the Wolverines are able to rush the passer on the perimeter, which will allow them to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

They are a good team when they rush the quarterback, but their defense is still a work in progress.6.

Jordan Poyer, LB/DE, Penn State: Penn State is one of a handful of teams in football that allow more than 20 rushing yards per game in 2017 or more than 100 yards per contest in 2018 (6).

Penn State will be looking to be one of those teams in 2019 as it was the seventh-best rushing defense in the conference in 2017 while allowing the second-fewest rushing yards (1,819).7.

Kale Williams, DE, Michigan State: Williams is a good pass rusher and is able the to generate pressure at the point of attack.

Williams has been a dominant player for Michigan State in the trenches this season, which should help his position in 2019 and beyond.8.

Dwayne Washington, LB.

Oklahoma State: Oklahoma State allowed the fewest sacks in the Big 12 last season.

The Cowboys were one of just two teams in college baseball to allow less than 100 passing yards per games.

Washington is an athletic, quick-twitch linebacker who plays with a high motor and uses his athleticism to win battles in the run game.

He will be a valuable addition to the Cowboys’ linebacker corps.9.

Justin Thomas, TE, Texas A&M: Texas A