How to find Florida Gators recruiting hotspots in Florida

A quick google search of Florida Gators locations is enough to make most of us look like we’ve heard it all before.

We’re here to make you aware of a few of the best spots to recruit in the state of Florida.


Tallahassee, Florida, the home of the Tallahascape community 2.

Lakeland, Florida 3.

Orlando, Florida 4.

Tallottown, Florida 5.

Daytona Beach, Florida 6.

Miami, Florida 7.

Orlando City, Florida 8.

Miami Gardens, Florida 9.

West Palm Beach, FL 10.

Orlando-Kissimmee, Florida 11.

Jacksonville, Florida 12.

Tallulah, Florida 13.

Naples, Florida 14.

Orlando , Florida 15.

Orlando Gators 16.

Orlando Orange, Florida 17.

Orlando Panthers, Florida 18.

Orlando Predators, Florida 19.

Orlando Strikers, Florida 20.

Orlando Vols, Florida 21.

Orlando Warriors, Florida 22.

Orlando Vipers, Florida 23.

Orlando Storm, Florida 24.

Orlando Surfers, Florida 25.

Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida