Why the Illini were the only Big Ten team to earn the No. 2 recruiting ranking

I’ll be the first to admit it: the Illinis’ recruiting class wasn’t good enough to make them the best team in the conference.

It was a disappointing group of players who needed to be a bit better to be considered contenders.

In their pursuit of this ranking, Bleacher Intelligence and 247Sports combined their rankings to produce a list of the 25 best prospects in the country.

I’m not a big fan of ranking every team in a league.

I’m not sure I understand why the SEC is ranked No. 1, why the ACC is ranked at No. 6, and why the Big 12 is ranked so high.

But in my view, these rankings have become the best way to measure how a school is doing in the recruiting rankings.

The fact that these rankings don’t have any ties to the national recruiting rankings is also a good thing.

The recruiting rankings are not based on which schools are good, but which are good enough.

The rankings are based on who’s recruiting whom.

This isn’t a perfect ranking, but it’s close enough to be reliable.

And I’m sure there are some who feel that they’re not on the list because the Big Ten has a better team, but that’s not the case.

The Big Ten is a very, very good team.

They’ve got three very good players in Ezekiel Elliott, Zach Zaire, and Malik Jefferson.

They have four guys who were the top five players at their position at the 2016 NBA draft.

They are a top 10 team in their conference and one of the top teams in the entire country.

They also have two guys who could go in the top two rounds of the NBA draft and the No, 1 pick in the 2019 NBA draft is coming off of his best season ever.

The fact that they won’t have the top three picks in the draft is also good.

It means the team will have more time to build its roster, which could help them land the top pick.

It also means that if they want to land one of those top picks, they’ll have to make sure that they have some help in the offseason.

As I mentioned before, I don’t think I could find a better prospect for this list than the guard Jalen Hurts.

I don: 1.

I think he’s the best player in the 2017 class and I think his future is bright.


I believe he has the most upside in the 2018 class and could be a great pick in 2019.


I’ve got a lot of confidence in him.


He’s the most talented kid I’ve ever seen and he has great talent.


I have faith in his ability to make a big leap and grow.


I know I’m in a very good position in my opinion to get him there.


I see a lot going on with him and his life right now.

I like him as a person.


He has great potential.

He wants to be great.


I feel like I can trust him.

I want to be his teammate.


He really understands what it takes to be successful and wants to get better.


I hope that he stays in the league and continues to be productive.


He could be one of my best friends.


He is very athletic.


I just think he has to get more comfortable and develop his game.


I would love to be able to get my hands on him.

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