Air Force recruiting is going to be tougher than anticipated: US government

A new report from the Defense Department’s Office of Personnel Management shows that the Air Force is struggling to recruit and retain qualified personnel.

In the coming years, the Air Forces will face a recruiting shortfall of 3.7 million personnel, the OPM says, even though the service is already in the midst of a recruiting overhaul that aims to attract new recruits and keep the service’s ranks growing.

The OPM estimates that about 8 percent of the workforce is currently without a position, including nearly 500,000 airmen. 

The Air Force has been recruiting and retaining airmen for more than 30 years.

The Air Force’s workforce currently stands at about 1.4 million, according to the service.

In 2014, the service added nearly 1.2 million jobs, the largest number since 1990.

But that was not enough to offset the shortfall in personnel, which the OMP says is now projected to hit 5.4 to 6.6 million.

The Air Forces needs to recruit 1.1 million to get to its hiring goals.

The Airforce’s recruiting effort is particularly problematic because the service has a very small workforce compared to the size of the federal workforce, which is about 40 percent of all civilian employees in the federal government.

The Pentagon’s Office for Personnel Management says that about 6 percent of civilian employees have not been promoted to a higher-level position within the military.

The OPM report says that the percentage of civilian airmen who are not promoted to higher-ranking positions in the military is higher than the number of airmen in the Army.

That means the Air Corps’ ranks are shrinking.

In the Air Service, the Service Chiefs of Staff estimate that they would need to recruit nearly 1 million new airmen to meet the Airforce recruiting goals.

The service’s Air Force recruitment efforts have been in a state of limbo since the 2014 recruiting overhaul.

In December, President Trump and then-Defense Secretary James Mattis announced that the service would be revamping its recruiting process and hiring a larger pool of airman to help fill the gap.

Air Force officials say that recruiting efforts were initially put on hold when the new administration did not want to be associated with an administration that would take a hardline stance against Russia.

The service had hoped to have its recruitment efforts restarted by March, but then the White House canceled the April recruiting deadline and said the service could not meet the recruitment goals until after the election.

The air force has hired more airmen than any other federal agency, according the Air National Guard.

It is also hiring airmen at higher rates than other agencies in the Department of Defense, with the service spending an average of $4,800 per airman per year.

The Office of the Secretary of Defense has been conducting a review of its recruiting efforts since the election, and is currently working with the Air Air Force to identify the most effective recruiting techniques for Air Force airmen, according a statement from the service on Tuesday.

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