When does USC start recruiting in 2021?

The Los Angeles Times has the details.

The USC staff, led by athletic director Scott Woodward, has been preparing for the prospect of scheduling the first-ever Pac-12 conference football game in 2021, according to a report in The Times.

With a new schedule, Woodward and his staff will be able to expand the schedule to include a conference championship game in 2020, the Times reports.

Woodward has been tasked with preparing for what will likely be a significant overhaul in the recruiting landscape in the coming years, and this move should help him to better align his staff to the new recruiting model.

He also told the Times that he will not be relying on the PAC-12 and Pac-10 to get USC to the promised land.

“I think the Pac-16, Pac-9, I think all of them have a lot of things going for them,” Woodward said.

“And they’re all good schools.

I think USC is the only one who has to go out and compete with the best schools in the country.”

In a conference full of elite teams, the Pac 12 and Pac 10 are in a prime position to attract the best recruits in the nation.

But USC’s scheduling could help it gain some ground, according the Times.