How to get the best airforce recruit

Air Force recruit Andrew Bynum (right) has an eye-catching tattoo of the U.S. national anthem on his left arm and his father is a huge Michigan fan.

Bynums son, Ryan, has a tattoo of a black man’s fist with the words “Bama is for Black People” in the middle.

“I was raised in the United States Air Force,” Bynams mother, Jill, said.

“My dad is a black guy and we go to the Air Force base a lot.

That’s where my brothers and I were raised.

It’s something that I always thought about, and I always looked up to my father.

I think he has the best military family.

I always wanted to go to a military school and my brother and I have been doing it for a little bit now.”

Bynoms father, Jeff, is a former Navy SEAL and was the second highest paid officer in the U-1 and U-2 aircraft fleets.

“We just wanted him to have a chance at the AirForce,” Jill said.

He’s currently a helicopter pilot, and his brother, Michael, was the first SEAL to die in combat in Afghanistan in 2011.

“He’s the kind of guy who would always be there for you, be there with you,” Jill Bynam said.

Jill Blynams son, Mike, is also a helicopter gunner and spent two months in the SEAL program as a kid.

“It’s hard to say no to a guy that’s got the best family around,” Mike Bynamas said.

Mike and his older brother, Matt, have four sons.

Mike is currently in his first year as a SEAL and is the youngest in his family.

His father, Bill, is currently a senior executive at a private equity firm and is a big fan of the NBA.

“Mike is a great guy,” Jill remembered.

“The best thing that I could do for him was to be with him.

That was my only priority.”

The Bynames are also big fans of the Detroit Lions.

Mike has a Detroit Lions T-shirt and a Lions hat.

He has a Tigers tattoo on his arm and a “Go Lions” tattoo on the back of his right forearm.

“Detroit is the greatest city in the world,” Mike said.

Michael is currently the team’s director of basketball operations and also has a number of tattoos on his body, including the “GOT LIONS” on his forearm.

Jill and her husband are expecting their third child in December and are looking forward to a big celebration for their family.

Jill said her family is very religious and that’s what has kept her going through a difficult time in her life.

“Being a Christian, being a family person, it’s very important to me,” she said.