Which are the top recruiting targets in the world?

On Wednesday, the world was abuzz with reports of the next recruit from the US and other countries to join ISIS.

The first reports came from Britain, with reports that ISIS recruiters had travelled to London to recruit men in the UK, and that some of them were able to make the journey in less than two weeks.

However, there were reports from a number of other countries that the recruits had been brought to the US.

One of these countries is Malaysia.

Malaysia has been one of the US’s largest recruitment sources since it was revealed last year that ISIS had established a base in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

According to reports from US media, the group was able to travel to the city on a private plane and carry out the attacks in 2015 and 2016.

However the US government has denied that the group has been in the country, and it has not been able to confirm that the Australians and the UK have indeed traveled to the region.

On Thursday, the US State Department confirmed to reporters that the US had recruited 10 Australian and three British ISIS fighters, who are believed to have travelled to the Middle East to join the terrorist group.

They were reportedly in the city of Raqqa, the ISIS capital, in Syria.

It was not immediately clear who the other three Australians were, but it was reported that one of them was a former ISIS fighter and that one was a recent recruit.

The US also confirmed that it had reached an agreement with Saudi Arabia to send fighter jets to assist with the air campaign against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Malaysia was one of many countries to reach an agreement to send troops to Syria, and a deal was also reached with Australia to send US military personnel to help with air strikes.

The State Department did not confirm the extent of the deal between the US, Australia and Malaysia, but confirmed that the agreement would be contingent on the safe return of the men to Malaysia.

It also confirmed the Australian government had not received any requests from ISIS for assistance in the region, and added that it would work with Malaysian authorities to investigate the reported threats.

Australia and the US are currently fighting to recapture Raqqa, and the two countries have also been involved in air strikes against ISIS targets in Iraq.

While the deal with Australia was reportedly the main reason for the Australian and US commitment to help Syria, the two sides also had other negotiations underway.

Australia’s Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, said on Thursday that his government had agreed to send Australian and American special forces to help in the campaign against the Islamic State.

Turnbull added that the new Australians would be provided with equipment, training and support.

He said the new US troops would also provide assistance to Iraqi security forces.

“It is a long-term commitment, it’s a long term commitment and we are committed to it,” Turnbull said, adding that the troops would not be sent to Australia’s southern region, but would instead stay in the US for the duration of the campaign.