How a Nebraska recruit is being recruited in Florida

Posted March 18, 2019 04:11:50A recruiting trip to Miami for a high school basketball game last season was not the first time Derrick Walker was connected to a program.

Walker’s family has been to Florida several times since he was a child.

He attended the Hurricanes in 2016 and was in the stands when they beat Florida State in the ACC tournament.

His brother, Ty, is a senior in high school and has also played at Florida.

Walker’s family says they’re trying to connect with other high school players in Florida to get them to attend the Hurricanes, as well.

The Walker family says the family has contacted many high school coaches in Florida and they’ve had conversations with several, but they’re focused on getting the best players to Florida.

That means recruiting with a focus on Florida.

The family says it has not heard anything back from any high school, but the family is still trying to get in touch with some of them.