How to find the best 2021 recruiting classes

New York’s college swimming recruiting class is set to go live on January 18th, and the class is loaded with top talent.

Here are the top five players in the class, ranked from the highest to the lowest.1.

Devin Davis, WR, Oklahoma State2.

Deondre Campbell, LB, Florida State3.

Kelsey McClellan, DB, LSU4.

Alyssa Smith, LB/DE, LSU5.

A’Challa Robinson, RB, UCLAAlyssan Davis, the No. 1 player on this list, is set for his biggest season yet.

Davis has the ability to be an immediate impact, as he will get his first taste of playing in a conference he is used to.

His size and speed could put him in the mix for a number of NFL starting jobs.

He was a two-time All-American, and his versatility will help him compete with the likes of Calvin Ridley and Jalen Ramsey for playing time.

Campbell, a five-star recruit out of Louisiana, is a physical player with the size and quickness to be a weapon in the NFL.

He will also be the most talented of the top four.

McClananan is a versatile player who can move around the field, and he will be a big contributor to the Gators offense.

He has the speed to stretch the field with his quickness and burst, and is a strong tackler.

Smith is an explosive athlete with the ability and burst to be productive in the run game.

Robinson has the size to be disruptive on the field and could be a star in the pros.

McClellan is also the most versatile player in the draft, and that is why the Gators are taking a chance on him.

He is a very quick athlete with good speed and quick hands, and will add another dimension to the team.

Robinson is a player who could make an immediate difference on defense, and could have a big impact as a sophomore.

Robinson could end up as the best receiver on the team, and should be able to contribute in a variety of ways.

The biggest question mark for this class is who will be the primary back.

Smith and Robinson both could contribute in the backfield, but there is a question mark in the frontcourt.

The most talented player on the roster is McClellin, who will have the opportunity to shine as a freshman.

He also has a lot of potential, and Florida is taking a gamble on him with this class.

McCallan, Campbell and Robinson all have the ability in the passing game to create mismatches on the outside.

McClella could also be a threat as a running back, and Robinson could be an effective weapon as a receiver.

The Gators are loaded at wide receiver, as they have two of the best receivers in the country in Christian Wilkins and Treon Harris.

Wilkins will be in the middle of a big year, but Harris will turn 21 next month and could provide Florida with a star-studded receiving corps in the future.

McCallan and Campbell will likely be the team’s best wideouts for years to come.