Why do the army recruits need to be physically fit?

Army recruiters in Ontario are concerned about recruits needing to be fit for the job market, but the recruitment centre has been struggling to keep up with the demand.article The army’s recruitment and retention system is “not working for them,” said David Cairns, the head of recruitment for the force.

He said the unit has been in the midst of a “fracture” in its recruitment process.

“It’s very difficult for them to come up with a plan that is not just a physical challenge,” he said.

“They have to be able to do that.”

“The more people they have in there, the less they can do the physical things.”‘

They need to have the right attitude’Army recruiters have a few ideas to help ensure recruits are able to perform effectively, but they are still struggling to manage the workload of recruiting new soldiers and trainees.

Cairns said there are “a few” suggestions being considered, but no concrete steps yet.

“We are trying to keep the morale high,” he told CBC News.

“We need to encourage people to come out and get a job, to do their work.”