Inside the recruiting technology that is turning Michigan into the top recruiting destination

Michigan is getting ready to become the first state to make recruiting software the official recruiting tool of its athletic department.

The Wolverines are already using software to help recruit, as it did in the past, but it’s not a feature everyone will take advantage of.

Instead, the university is developing its own recruiting software that will be used to determine what recruits are most likely to make it to Michigan.

The new software is called MTS, and it’s being developed by a group led by former NFL general manager Mike Lombardi and his team.MTS will be the primary recruiting tool in the program, and the technology will be integrated into the recruiting software, which will be developed in partnership with recruiting agency Datto.

The software will be able to help track incoming players, track their progress on the recruiting trail and even help players develop relationships with prospective colleges.

It will also be used as a tool to determine which of Michigan’s current and potential incoming recruits have the potential to make the jump to the Wolverines.

“We are going to be able, in my opinion, to get our players to the next level in this program, whether it’s recruiting, coaching or anything else,” Michigan coach John Beilein said.

“The way I look at it, the recruiting process is just an extension of our coaching staff and our student-athletes, and we’re going to use this system to do that.”

Michigan has recruited some of the country’s top prospects, but this year’s recruiting class has been hampered by injuries, the NCAA sanctions and a lack of a high-quality quarterback.

The Wolverines have already added a handful of new quarterbacks, but they will need to add more depth at the position to keep up with other conference opponents.

The addition of a quality quarterback and the development of a quarterback-friendly recruiting environment will help the Wolverins stay competitive.

The Michigan athletic department is also in the process of creating an online recruiting system called MichiganTrail, which is expected to become available in the next couple of months.

The program hopes to offer its current recruits a better experience on the site than what they would have reporter Dave Birkett will be covering Michigan in 2017.

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