How to talk to recruiters in the UK

By Football Italian staffThe Italian football recruitment agency has issued a list of 10 questions to help you on the phone, while also asking for the number of the coach in question.

You can contact the recruiter on:Phone: 071 503 0500Email: [email protected] can also contact a coach by writing a short message on the back of a card.

You must answer the questions correctly and on time.

You must also take a photo of your answers and send it to [email protected]

As per a press release, these questions are the 10 best questions to ask when recruiting in the country:”Do you like the sport and the coaches?

Do you have a good attitude and will try your best to become a professional footballer?””

What do you want to do professionally and what are you looking for in terms of salary and bonuses?””

Are you interested in international football or any other international sport?””

Do the people around you like you and you will be motivated by this?””

You are young and your career is going to take time, but is there any time when you would like to leave your current job and go to Europe?

Do the people at the club know you well and are you interested?””

Can you work from home or on your own?

Is there a job you want for the future?””

How do you deal with the financial situation in Italy?””

Is there any place you would not like to go but are you willing to pay for it?””

Have you already visited the country?””

Who are the local people?

Have you ever visited Italy?”

All of these questions can be answered in just 30 seconds, so it’s best to give the recruitor a few minutes to get your answers right before you ask them to start the interview.

The recruiter should have already seen the answers and should not be asking questions which are not covered in the list.

They will be able to send you an email to fill out your form.