How the College Football Playoff committee will shape the 2017-18 season

The NCAA announced on Tuesday that the committee’s top 10 teams will be announced in December.

The announcement came in response to a letter sent to the 10 participating teams by the chairmen of the four-team College Football Playoffs.

The NCAA said the selection committee will choose the four best teams, with the top two teams from each conference playing each other in the first round of the postseason.

The first four teams will each play the other three first-round teams in the NCAA Football Playoff Championship Game.

The committee’s five-team selection committee, which consists of members of the eight member conferences, will meet in late November and December.

The top two finalists will advance to the College World Series for a first-year tournament.

The 10 teams that will participate in the championship game will be revealed in January and February.

The teams are:Alabama, Alabama A&M, Auburn, Baylor, Georgia, LSU, Texas A&m, West Virginia, Wisconsin.

The College Football Bowl Subdivision is the league that includes the NCAA’s Football Championship Subdivision, the College All-American Game and the National Championship Game, among others.

The FBS and the Pac-12 conferences have their own conferences and divisions.