How USC recruits recruits: The top 100 recruiters

The biggest names in college football are recruiting a different set of recruits than their peers.

USC recruits are the most selective in the country, and they’re recruiting the best players in the nation.

The Trojans have one of the best recruiting records in college sports, ranking among the top 10 nationally and 11 in the Pac-12.

But they’re also one of college football’s most under-researched programs.

It’s been a challenge for the Trojas, who have to find the right players with the right background and personality, according to ESPN.

The Trojades are currently ranked in the top 30 in 247Sports Composite recruiting rankings, but the number of recruits the program has landed is relatively small.

“There’s a ton of talented players out there who are going to be able to help us in recruiting,” USC athletic director Pat Haden said in an interview with 247Sports.

“The question is, how do you find them?

We’re trying to find players that are the best fit for us.”

The Troijas are trying to get the right recruits to join their football program.

USC’s recruiting coordinator is a USC graduate assistant, and he’s spent the last two years working with a variety of schools to recruit players with diverse backgrounds and personalities.

The recruiting coordinator will be recruiting on the football side of the ball, too.

“You can look at it as a big recruitment, but we’ve got the same mentality as you do,” Haden told The Huffington.

“I think you want to find out who is the best player, and you don’t want to waste the time.”

It’s important to find those players quickly, so USC can get them the right coaches and players.

The USC football program is already filled with players who have some experience in coaching, and the Trojeans are looking to build their coaching staff with the same type of player.

The first thing the Trojuas need to do is figure out who they want to bring in for their staff.

“We need to get a group of players who are a mix of all the things you want, but are also very confident,” Hadens said.

“You have to be comfortable with what they can do, and we’re looking for guys that have experience with the offense, the defense and coaching.

We need to make sure that they understand that they’re not going to get it all, and that they can help us win.”

While the recruiting coordinator works with a diverse group of recruits, he’ll be in constant contact with the football team, according the head coach.

“He’s a recruiter, and I’m a coach, so we’re working together,” Hadent said.

“I think we’ve found our guys, and hopefully they’re going to give us a lot of positive feedback that we’re going in the right direction.”

If the recruiters have a problem with a recruit, they can reach out to USC’s head coach, Chris Petersen, and head strength and conditioning coach Kevin O’Connor, according To Catch A Predator.

The coach can also provide feedback to the recruiting director, who will then decide what direction to take.

The USC recruiting coordinator has been working with many programs over the last couple years to help the program recruit its top recruits, and his success has led to the hiring of a number of new head coaches and assistants.

In addition to Petersen, USC has hired former Miami Hurricanes offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian as its new offensive coordinator, and former Ohio State Buckeyes offensive coordinator Mike Sanford as its offensive coordinator.

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