How to beat Alabama recruiting r6’s Rivals.COM recruiting rankings have Alabama at No. 6, as they’ve remained at No, 6 and 6 since late June, when they were No. 9 and No. 11.

After losing to No. 1 Georgia, Alabama’s ranking has been steadily increasing in recent weeks.

But now, it’s No. 10.

That puts the Crimson Tide in a tough spot, as the team that once ranked No. 2 in the nation could be on the verge of losing one of the best players in the game to the recruiting capital.

Alabama’s recruiting ranking is the first of the week’s top 10 to dip below the top 10 for a week.

That means that the Crimson State will need to be ranked No, 7 or No, 8 for the rest of the weekend, and they’ll likely need to get a big win to have a shot at winning the national title.

The Crimson Tide are ranked No., 7, in the USA Today/SBN recruiting rankings, with Alabama ranked No,, No., 8, and No., 11 in the rankings.

It was No. 8 in the 247Sports Composite, No. 3 in the Composite and No of 247Sports 300-plus recruits according to

That means that Alabama’s chances of landing a top-five player are slim, and it’s likely they’ll need to find another big piece in the coming weeks.

This could mean a tough time for the Tide’s recruiting efforts, as Nick Saban’s team will have to take a hit with a few big wins over Georgia and Alabama.