Navy Recruiter Warns About Potential Hiring Problems for Recruiters

Navy recruiter Jason Nessel is urging Navy recruiters to beware of a recruitment crisis.

Nessel has been posting job ads online and talking to potential recruits about their opportunities for the Navy.

He says recruitment has been sluggish in recent months and it is possible a recruitment shortage could result from the budget cut.

“You’re going to see a lot more people who are not going to want to work for you,” he said.

He’s been talking to recruiters for years about the issue and he says he has had to take extra measures to keep recruiting strong.

“It’s kind of like a chicken with the egg,” he explained.

Nessel says if there’s a shortage of Navy jobs, it could affect recruitment. “

If I can’t recruit people I don’t want to recruit people, then I’m not going make any money at all.”

Nessel says if there’s a shortage of Navy jobs, it could affect recruitment.

His website says the Navy is looking for an associate with a Masters degree in Engineering, Electrical, Electronics or Biomedical Engineering.

He has also started an online recruitment tool called NavyRecruit.

Nessel said he’s not sure what’s causing the problem, but he says it’s been growing in recent years.

He said he hopes recruiting resumes will be more available.

It’s been a difficult year, he said, because the Navy had to trim its workforce.

That cut forced some people to leave the Navy and he has not been able to find work.

“I’m just looking for a new job, it’s just that my current job has been pretty good for the last couple of years,” he added.

Nessel is not alone in his worries about a shortage.

There have been a number of job postings online saying that there are jobs available but there are no available candidates.

The Navy said on Friday that they are looking to hire an associate engineer, which would allow them to recruit more people.

The Navy has been in a hiring freeze since February 2018.

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