How to win Alabama football with 247sports recruiting

The next four years are crucial to Alabama football’s success.

But how do you become the best in the country?

That’s where 247sports is at the forefront of recruiting and the 247Sports recruiting rankings.

And that’s the point we’re making today.

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So what can you expect?

The next four seasons will be crucial for Alabama football, and with a new coaching staff and a new defensive coordinator in Gus Malzahn, the Tide should be even more explosive in the future.

But the biggest change is the return of one of its all-time great players, Jalen Hurts.

He’s returning to the Alabama roster for the 2017 season, and this will be a special season for him and the Tide.

But it’s also a new beginning for him as a recruiter and a player.

Hurts will play a key role in recruiting, and he will have a voice that will shape the next era of recruiting.

The Alabama recruiting class of 2018 is already loaded with stars and a great coach in Malzahns new defensive assistant, Todd Monken.

There are a number of other top recruits, including defensive end Jalen Collins, wide receiver De’Vondre Campbell and tight end/receiver/kick returner Michael McGlinchey.

The Tide will have its hands full in 2017.

But as long as the coaching staff can take the pressure off of the offensive line and the defense, the 2017 Crimson Tide will be the favorite to win the SEC East in 2019.