How to sign a Cal football recruit for $300,000

With the new season underway, the recruiting cycle has started again.That means we’ve got to get through the next few weeks in a much better state of mind, and with more money and better recruits in our pipeline. As a result, this year has been a little different than the previous two, with plenty of new […]

How to find Florida Gators recruiting hotspots in Florida

A quick google search of Florida Gators locations is enough to make most of us look like we’ve heard it all before.We’re here to make you aware of a few of the best spots to recruit in the state of Florida.1.Tallahassee, Florida, the home of the Tallahascape community 2.Lakeland, Florida 3.Orlando, Florida 4.Tallottown, Florida 5.Daytona Beach, Florida […]

Razorbacks sign 6 prospects

The Razorbacks signed 6 prospects on Wednesday, including a 6-foot-4, 247-pound offensive lineman from New Jersey.Quinton Jones (pronounced JOSH-son), a 6’4, 255-pound guard from Camden, N.J., has committed to Arkansas.He has already committed to Texas A&M, Miami, Michigan, North Carolina and Alabama.Jones will enroll at Arkansas next week and officially commit on Thursday.The 6-2, 250-pound […]

When you’re in the NBA, who’s watching you?

The basketball world is buzzing about how the NBA is going to be impacted by the impending release of its 2017-18 draft order.The rankings are one way of measuring whether the draft order is in alignment with the needs of the NBA’s player development and scouting teams.For this year’s draft, which was released in May, […]

The Best Recruiter Jobs

Recruiting is a tough job.And it’s even tougher when it comes to the companies that offer it.That’s where Pitt Recruit’s hiring process comes in.The company is the leader in hiring, and it uses an algorithm to weed out candidates based on their qualifications, work history and how well they fit into its recruiting strategies.This is […]

How to recruit Pitt players with a swimsuit

If you’ve never been to Pitt, then this article is for you.The school has the best swimming facilities in the country, and if you’re interested in playing football, then you’re in the right place. But it’s not all fun and games for Pitt players, as the school also has its fair share of challenges. We talked to […]

How to read Nebraska recruiting profiles

Nebraska football recruiting profiles have been updated to reflect the school’s latest scholarship offer.The Nebraska coaching staff has made a number of changes to their 2017 recruiting class, including signing five-star defensive end Alex Kinemans to a four-year, $16.5 million contract, while recruiting two-star running back Jalen Jones to a three-year deal.Former Nebraska running back […]